Abdullah Ar-razi'i - Ali Asghar

When all of the companions, friends and male family members but one (Imam Zain al Abideeen) were martyred, the camp of Imam hussain parched and the young children crying of thirst, Imam hussain made a call of "hal min nasirin yansuruna, hal min mugheeso yugheesuna" Is there a supporter who'd support us? Is there a helper who'd help us? A cry from the tent of Bibi Rabab leads Imam hussain to her tent. She says Abdullah Al razi Ali Asghar has fallen from the bed with your call. Imam Hussain looks at him; he is parched and weak, having gone so much time without water.

Imam hussain takes Ali Asghar covered under his mantle against the scorching sun. He takes Ali Asghar to the battle ground and asks the enemy forces whatever quarrel they may have with Imam Hussain, what issue did they have with the 6 months old Ali Asghar? At least give him some water. Imam Hussain even lays Ali Asghar on the ground saying if you think that I may drink on his pretext. No one from the Yazeed's army moves. 

Imam Hussain picks Ali Asghar, uncovers him, and raises him on his hands. Ali Asghar a young baby he is, tries to wet his lips with his tongue but his tongue is also dried up. This act of Asghar is an arrow of sort shot towards the Yazeedi army - a little disturbance starts in the army.

Umar Saad hurriedly asks Hurmula, a supposedly brave soldier, to cut Hussain's word (which is just Asghar's dried up tongue that which is starting to move Yazeed's army). 

Hurmula takes a three headed arrow and aims at the neck of Ali Asghar - just 6 month's old, Asghar convulses in Imam Hussain's hands and takes his last breath. He has departed the life of this world and has moved to the heaven where he certainly would complain to his grandfather Rasool Allah about those Muslims, who supposedly were followers of his religion, those who took his blameless life.

The few drops of blood spill from his neck in Imam Hussain's hands. He looks at the sky then looks at the ground but seeing neither willing to take the blood, Imam Hussain rubs his hands on his own face and returns to the camp, just to return to the battle ground to give his own life for the preservation of the religion of Islam. 

A simple battle was fought in the war, which was apparently subdued by the Yazeedi forces, but the force of the blow Ali Asghar made was much stronger, it is felt still now after more than thirteen hundreds years and would always keep the Yazeedi forces at bay.


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