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Safe Path - translation of a poem attributed to Imam Hussain

Safe Path  - translation of a poem by Imam Hussain Perform only those tasks which will take you towards freedom and salvation Those tasks that you anticipate will help you achieve salvation with great pace and that will help you and rescue you from the austerities of the Day of Judgment Purifying your soul of sins; doing good deeds to believers and having good intentions for relatives and those around you Only these things can help you receive God’s mercy If you think of doing good deeds all the time, salvation is yours. Otherwise you will have no sanctuary. [1] فَلَيسَ تَنَالُ عَفوَ الله إلاّ بِتَطهِيرِ النُّفُوسِ مِنَ المَعَاصِي وَ بِرَّ المُؤمِنِينَ بِکُلِّ رِفقٍ وَ نُصحٍ لِلأَداني وَالأَقَاصِي وَ إن تَشدُد يداً بِالخَيرِ تُفلِح وَ إن تَعدِل فَمَا لَکَ مِن مَنَاصِ مسلک السلامة عَلَيکَ مِنَ الأُمُورِ بِمَا يؤَدِّي إلي سُنَنِ السَّلاَمِة وَ الخَلاَصِ وَ مَا تَرجُوا النَّجَاةَ بِهة وَشِيکاً وَ فَوزاً يومَ يوُخَذُ بالنَّواصِي   [1] Mausu’ah

Abdullah Ar-razi'i - Ali Asghar

When all of the companions, friends and male family members but one (Imam Zain al Abideeen) were martyred, the camp of Imam hussain parched and the young children crying of thirst, Imam hussain made a call of "hal min nasirin yansuruna, hal min mugheeso yugheesuna" Is there a supporter who'd support us? Is there a helper who'd help us? A cry from the tent of Bibi Rabab leads Imam hussain to her tent. She says Abdullah Al razi Ali Asghar has fallen from the bed with your call. Imam Hussain looks at him; he is parched and weak, having gone so much time without water. Imam hussain takes Ali Asghar covered under his mantle against the scorching sun. He takes Ali Asghar to the battle ground and asks the enemy forces whatever quarrel they may have with Imam Hussain, what issue did they have with the 6 months old Ali Asghar? At least give him some water. Imam Hussain even lays Ali Asghar on the ground saying if you think that I may drink on his pretext. No one from the Yazee