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Backing up your backup on Amazon Glacier

You would know the value of their digital assets. More so, you would also know the value of backing up your digital assets.

There are various threats to your digital assets, each with different risks* and impacts.Hardware failure is the most imminent, followed by accidental software actions.

The way most people do backup is to make multiple copies of their data on external hard drives and or DVDs, or perhaps tape drives, in this order of possibility since this is the order of ease of use. Which would work good against hardware failures and accidents, These however would not save the data in case of physical crisis: fire, flood, theft etc. Physical threats (fire, flood and theft etc), however lower their risk may be, still have a risk.

Some people do backup on the cloud, making zips and uploading it to their free email accounts. And now there is a plethora of cloud storage. Though cloud storage may work, but given the ever increasing amount of data, this can be prohibitively expensive…

Putting Ideas in the public

I have a gift (or a curse); I can think on many different fronts at the same time, often too many.

One of those fronts is technical / business ideas. There is a ever growing list of ideas that come to my mind. And I want to make use of each of those.

However realizing that I have been not so productive with these ideas. I spend too much time in generating and enhancing these Ideas and contemplating on them and do not focus enough to get through with them to convert them into value. And I know Ideas do not have any value unless they get used.

Lately I have been thinking about this and I thought instead of keeping the ideas to myself in hope that I will get time and focus to implement them why don't I put those Ideas on the web to the public.

This got me thinking....

However, some part of me does not want to let go of the ideas, I see business potentials in many of the these ideas and being a normal person, I wish I could get some benefit out of it. However, I know that stinginess …