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What does it mean by "A good company to work for"?

Any company where your direction is somewhat aligned with your goals is a good company. This alignment is expected to be never perfect. Even your own goals may have conflicts and may not be self aligned perfectly. So being paid little may not be an absolute indication that the company you work for is not a good company, though it may be a factor to consider.

There are many factors come into play and with different priorities for different people.


The people around you are the sort of people you like to be working with, this includes boss, colleagues, subordinates and clients.The work you do match with your interests and capabilities. The work itself is fulfilling.You are paid right. This does not necessarily mean that the highest possible payment would make the company a good company or that a low paying company is a bad one. Also, you are paid on time. Yes, time value of money is a real thing and every one has cash flow requirements.You have job security. People do generally pre…